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Destination Kosta - a crystal clear experience!

In the deep forests of Småland we find the small community of Kosta, right in the heart of the Kingdom of Glass. Beautiful glass has been created here since 1742 at Kosta Glasbruk, one of Sweden's oldest glassworks.

The idea for a glass factory came as early as 1736. Lieutenant Lars Johan Silfversparre applied for privileges for a glass factory in Johanstorp in Lenhovda parish, but chose to give these away to the governors Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein. In 1741, construction began on the new mill, which was named Kosta after the initial letters of the two owners' surnames (KO + STA). In 1742, the glassworks were ready and the first glassblowers came from Thuringia in Germany.

Although Kosta is a small town, there is much to see and experience here - visit Kosta Glasbruk and see the glass take shape up close in the cabin, try blowing glass yourself at Kosta Glascenter, see world-class art glass at Kosta Art Gallery, stay at the world-unique glass hotel Kosta Boda Art Hotel or why not rent a glass house in Kosta Safaripark.
Enjoy a drink in the Glass Bar in an underwater world created in glass, sweet pastries in the bakery, Småland's largest ice creams, Kosta's own locally brewed beer or try our home-produced gin. Here you can also fish, enjoy the beautiful nature by hiking, take a ride on our new mountain bike trail or see all the animals in Kosta Safaripark roaming freely in their natural environment.

Here is something for everyone!