Beverage tastings in Kosta

Here in Kosta we brew our own beer and distill our own gin, something we are really proud of!
Our products are available to buy and order at Systembolaget, but if you want to taste our drinks and at the same time learn how to make these noble drinks, we highly recommend you to try one of our drink tastings. Every month we offer a beer or gin tasting at Kosta Delikatess.

Below you can read about our different tastings. If you are interested in a tasting on another date or a combined beer & gin tasting, please contact: [email protected].

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Kosta Brewery

Kosta Bryggeri brews almost 50,000 litres of beer per year. Kosta Brewery offers a handful of classic European beers such as Pils, Hefewizen, Pale Ale and Porter. Inspiration comes from Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK and Ireland but of course we put our own personal touch on our beer.

The brewery was inaugurated in 2022 and has since then brewed several different types of beer such as Kosta Hyttpilsner, Kosta Bruksbitter, Kosta Belgian, Modern English, Kosta Julöl but also Easter & Christmas must.

Most of our beers are today available at our food units;  Kosta DelikatessKosta Hyttsill, Kosta Brukscafe, Matmagasinet, Linnea Art Restaurant  and Glasbaren.

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Händer häller upp öl i glas från tank

Kosta Distillery

A stone's throw from Kosta Glasbruk, we produce traditional gin but also innovative interpretations of classic gin varieties. Our gin is produced with carefully selected raw materials of high flavour and quality.

Right now there are three varieties of gin. We focus on the flavour experience, where an Old Tom - Kosta Bruksgin has been given its character by the classic spices such as juniper and coriander. Our Kosta Hyttgin, which is a Pink Gin, is spiced with a generous amount of raspberry and balanced with rosemary for a long harmonious aftertaste. Our third gin is a classic Dry Gin - Kosta Kristall with flavours of long pepper, heather, lemon thyme and bergamot. We believe that the qualitative & creative process from idea to product through careful selection and consideration of the highest quality raw materials has given our gins the fantastic reception they have received!

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Gin-ingredienser som torkad apelsin, enbär & rosmarin i en hand.