Charkdisk på Kosta Delikatess

Kosta Delikatess – Shop & Restaurant

Enjoy delicacies and fresh seafood

At Kosta Delikatess you will find a large selection of prepackaged delicacies such as oils, caviar, cheeses, spices, coffee, tea and freshly baked bread & crackers from Kosta bakery. We have self-imported goods such as pasta, olive oil & cheese from Italy. Game meat, salami, sausages and smoked meat from Kosta Safaripark are also available here.

Shoppande kund i Kosta Delikatessbutik

Fresh fish and seafood

Fresh fish, fresh seafood, smoked prawns, Skagen roe and roe can be bought over the counter. All fish and shellfish are of the highest quality and of course MSC & ASC certified! Do not hesitate to say which fish or seafood you want to see in our charcuterie, the staff listens to the demand and makes orders daily.

Fiskdisken är fylld med fiskfile, bläckfisk och räkor


Enjoy our delicacies in our restaurant with a seasonal menu, inspired by the sea or buy something from the store for yourself or someone you love!

Skaldjurstallrik med rökta räkor, baguette & aioli

Over 370 different types of gin

Don't miss our gin bar with one of Sweden's largest gin selections where you can taste over 370 different types of gin. Of course we have our own gin from Kosta Destilleri and our own homebrew beer from Kosta brewery. We also serve wine and non-alcoholic options if desired.

Kosta Ginbar med över 370 olika sorters gin

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