Inblick i restaurang över dukade bord

Linnéa Art Restaurant

Linnéa Art Restaurant – food served in an artistic environment

The restaurant is located in the Kosta Boda Art Hotel, here breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper are served with inspiration from the forest, the lakes and the meadows.

Nowadays you can enjoy Ulrica Hydman Vallien's fantastic art in half the restaurant. In the second half, you get to meet different designers' glass artworks throughout the year. Linnéa Art Restaurant is a place that offers experiences for all the senses!

Don't miss our popular Christmas table, which has been set up since mid-November and is surrounded by beautiful art glass from Kosta Boda & Orrefors.

We have full rights and sell both our own beer from Kosta Bryggeri, wine and stronger drinks such as our own beer from Kosta Bryggeri and our own gin from Kosta Destilleri. Feel free to ask our trained sommeliers about suitable drinks for the food.

Vegan food is always available in our kitchen, ask the chef!

Table reservation:

Table reservations are made by phone or email:
Phone: 0478-348 40
Mail: [email protected]


Every day we present a large selection of toppings such as salami, ham, liver pâté and various types of cheese. Herring sandwiches, freshly baked bread, boiled eggs, fried bacon, scrambled eggs, vegetables and fruit are some of the things that are served. For your filet and yogurt, there are accessories such as nuts, raisins, dried fruit and flakes, etc. Our freshly baked bread comes from our local Kosta bakery.
In terms of drinks, we have different kinds of juice, freshly brewed coffee and tea water from our fine samovar.

Let the day begin!


Breakfast times

Monday - friday  kl 07.00 - 10.00 

Saturday, sunday and holidays kl 07.30 - 10.30 


Uppdukad frukost bestående av färsk frukt, juice, kaffe, äggröra & våfflor med sylt



Every day we prepare a salad buffet consisting of several different delicious salads with, among other things, pasta and couscous. A delicious selection of our popular herrings. The buffet ends, of course, with freshly brewed coffee and cookies from Kosta Bageri.

Today's main course is fresh and modern where we use Swedish ingredients to the greatest extent.

Lunch is served

Monday - friday kl 11.30 - 14.30

Saturday & sunday kl 12.00 - 15.00


Linnéas gedigna salladsbuffé