Dolly Style

Dolly Style celebrates 10 years anniversary
with outdoor concert!

Molly is pink, Holly is blue, Polly is purple and Yolly is yellow.

Together they are Dolly Style, a colorful quartet that has taken Sweden by storm. They used to be residents of Dollyville, a magical place beyond the rainbow. Then they came here to spread their sparkling pop music. Songs like "Unicorns & Ice Cream", "Upsy Daisy", "Young & Restless", "Cherry Gum" and "Habibi" are sweet as candy, but still pack a punch on the dance floor. Dolly Style today has over 200,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and over 100,000 followers on their YouTube channel.

This year Dollystyle celebrates 10 years as artists and this is celebrated with an outdoor concert in the glassworks area at Kosta Glasbruk.

Friday, July 19

Time: 14.00
Ticket price SEK 295

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