Hot shop herring in Kosta

Hot shop herring in Kosta

Hyttsill is an old social and food tradition that has its origins in the heyday of the glassworks. When the day's work was over for the glassblowers, the ovens were used for cooking and the warm surroundings around the oven became a natural meeting place. Salted herring and potatoes with skin were then grilled in the pile of ashes in the cooling pipe where the glass had previously lain to cool.At the cabin herring, the co-workers met after work with their families, hunters from the surrounding forests and, of course, the tramps. It was not unusual for 15-20 tramps to gather on the wooden boxes in the warm cabin to tell stories and eat a bite to eat.



Cabin herring food consists primarily of salted herring cooked with onions and cream. The dining table also includes lard strips, salt pork and baked potatoes with spiced butter, which are typical food for the area. Cheesecake, jam and cream are served with the coffee.

The cabin herring starts at 18:00, with admission from 17:30

The evening is estimated to last about 2-3 hours

Adult SEK 525

Children (4 - 12 years) SEK 250

ATTENTION! For the cabin herring to be carried out, at least 20 people are required to be booked.

Phone number:
+46 (0)478-590 530
[email protected]
Glasbruksstigen 17, 365 43, Kosta

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