Christmas hot shop herring with Lill Lindfors

Christmas hot shop herring with Lill Lindfors

For over 60 years, Lill Lindfors has entertained us from the stage and left unforgettable and happy musical memories. Lill is a brilliant superstar gifted with a charisma that is impossible to resist, and she is undoubtedly one of our most beloved artists.On November 15, the fantastic Lill Lindfors together with some of Sweden's by far the most seasoned musicians such as: Claes Crona - piano, Mats Norrefalk - guitar and vocals, Jesper Kviberg - drums and Mattias Svensson - bass, will take the stage at Kosta Hyttsill. During this evening, Lill will offer a mixed repertoire with, of course, many of Lill's most loved and well-known melodies, swinging jazz and infectious musical joy!



The cabin herring food in the form of, among other things, salt herring, fried pork and baked potatoes is presented together with Christmas favourites. The dessert naturally consists of the Småland favourite, cheesecake with jam and cream for the coffee.

The Christmas cabin herring starts at 19:00, with admission from 18:30. The evening is estimated to last about 2-3 hours

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