Try glassblowing

Try glassblowing

At Kosta Glasbruk you can book an appointment to make your own glass together with our talented instructors. We offer the possibility of blowing different kinds of glass.



The following are available to choose from:

  • Glass ball standing as a table decoration SEK 500/pc
  • Drinking glass, whiskey glass SEK 550/pc
  • Beer glass SEK 550/pc
  • Bowl or vase SEK 750/pc
  • Water or wine carafe SEK 850/pc

A glassblowing trial session takes about 15 minutes per person.

ONE person may blow glass per booked time!

Please arrive well in advance so you have time to prepare.

When trying out, an entrance ticket to Kosta Glasbruk is included

The blown glass has a cooling time of 3 hours.

If blown in the morning - the glass is ready to take home in the afternoon.

If blown in the afternoon - the glass will be ready the next day. It is possible to have the glass sent home!

Try glassblowing in the evening, 17.00 - 20.00 on request - email [email protected]

Contact information:
Kosta Glasbruk
Stora vägen 96
365 43 KOSTA
Telephone: +46-734145866

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