Try glassblowing
Try glassblowing
Try glassblowing

Try glassblowing

Take the chance to blow your own bowl, vase, decanter or drinking glass. Trying out glassblowing is perfect to do together with friends, family or as a staff activity. It is also excellent to give as a gift to someone you want to woo. We also offer courses in manual glass crafting.

We are passionate about glass - it is a passion we are happy to share!
You will find us in the middle of Småland's Kingdom of Glass, inside the Kosta Glasbruk area. Here, for more than 20 years, we have run a glass school, where glass craftsmen from all over the Nordics have trained. Today, many of them are active as glass craftsmen, glass artists and designers.

The glass craft is a cultural treasure that we want to preserve and get more people to take part in. From red-hot, melting mass one moment, to immediately transform into something hard, brittle and clear.

How hard can it be? With us, you can find out for sure!


You book Try Glassblowing by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 070-684 61 91.

We look forward to hearing from you!
/ Lars "Lalle" Andersson

Opening hours

Feel free to get in touch, we are usually open when many people visit Kosta, but feel free to call or email to make sure we are open!


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Age limit:
5 years and above
Phone number:
+46 0706846191
[email protected]
Glasbruksstigen 17 , 365 43, KOSTA