Hälgeteater i Safariparken

Summer Hälge Theater

Opening night Friday 5 July

Hälge is running through the forest, with the hunters hot on his heels. All he wants is to get some peace and quiet. And there in front of him he sees a high fence. Hälge just has time to read 'Kosta Safaripark' on a sign before he jumps over and into freedom. In here he is safe. No hunters as far as the eye can see and friends of all kinds. Imagine that in the Småland forests there was this oasis for wildlife and also we get food every day. "I think I'll stay here.

Edwin & Hälge
Hälge lutar sig mot ett träd

Ticket information

The Hälge Theatre is about 20 minutes long and is performed Wednesday to Sunday, from 5 July to 18 August. The stage is located at Kosta Safari Park.

The theatre is divided into two parts but can easily be seen separately.

- Act 1 is played at 11.00

- Act 2 is played at 13.00

Choose between seeing part 1, part 2 or buy a ticket for both.

If you buy act 1 and 2 together, you get a discount on the ticket price


Theater auf Deutsch

Wer das Gesundheitstheater in deutscher Sprache sehen möchte, kann dies samstags vom 6. Juli bis 17. August tun.
Das Theater ist in zwei Teile gegliedert, kann aber auch separat besucht werden.

- Akt 1 wird um 12.00 Uhr gespielt

- Akt 2 wird um 15.00 Uhr gespielt.

Wählen Sie zwischen Teil 1 und Teil 2 oder kaufen Sie ein Ticket für beide Teile.

Kaufen Sie Akt 1 und 2 zusammen und erhalten Sie einen Rabatt auf den Ticketpreis!


Älgen Hälge bredvid sitt Hälgetåg

The Hälge train

Get close to the wild animals wandering around in their natural environment in Kosta Safari Park. The Heel Train takes you around the park where you get the opportunity to see moose, bison, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, red deer and wild boar up close.

During the summer period 5 July - 18 August, the train departs Wednesday - Sunday, after the end of the Fence Theatre at 13.00

The train departs at 13.30 from Kosta Safari Park.
The trip takes about 40 min. The train takes a maximum of 20 people.


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