Eat & Go - taste Kosta
Eat & Go - taste Kosta

Eat & Go - taste Kosta

Eat and Go - discover everything that Kosta can offer with exciting flavors and new places! Visit and eat at six different restaurants, everything from the magical Glass Bar at the Kosta Boda Art Hotel to the cozy Brukscafet next to the glassworks. The way to the heart in the Kingdom of Glass is through the stomach!You and your party walk, eat and drink at your own pace and visit our restaurants in the order you want. You start at Kosta Lodge and the tour ends at Kosta Delikatess. At each place you get a tasting portion that is represented by the restaurant.



Saturday, April 27

Participating restaurants: Kosta Lodge, Don Camilo, Glasbaren Kosta Boda Art Hotel, Matmagasinet, Kosta Bruksafé and Kosta Delikatess

There will be vegan, lactose and gluten-free options - NOTE - This must be reported when booking!

Start at Kosta Lodge, choose your start time when you book at 12.00 or 13.00.

All food is included in your ticket. Suitable drinks are sold in both full and half glasses.

Eat and Go closes at 17:00.

Price: SEK 449 per person

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