Continuation course - glassblowing

Continuation course - glassblowing

Now there is an opportunity for those of you who have previously shown interest to book a 5-day continuation course Mon-Fri with us at Kosta Glasbruk in the summer of 2024 during v.30.During your days with us, you will be able to rehearse your basic knowledge of working with glass and continue to develop.The elements included are both theoretical and practical. We will go through, equipment, concepts and terms, but also the history of Kosta Glasbruk. A visit to both the Kosta Art Gallery for inspiration and our display workshop to see glassblowing by our masters is planned in the schedule.In the cabin, you will get to rehearse catching the glass in one of our melting furnaces, shaping, blowing, sculpting and working with techniques that you yourself want to practice such as driving and blowing into shape. But then at the end of the week grind the glass, to then be able to take it home with you.



The course takes place at Kosta Glasbruk

Course start 22 August 2004

Minimum 8 participants to start - maximum 12

Price: SEK 15,000

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