Lisa Nilsson & Mattias Torell

A duo concert with

Lisa Nilsson & Mattias Torell

In need and desire

One of Sweden's most celebrated artists; With her records and concert tours, Lisa Nilsson has established herself as one of Sweden's biggest and most loved artists and songwriters. She is an artist in constant development and change who has never let anything other than the love and passion for music and performing arts rule.

The hit "Himlen runt hörnet" has reached more than 17 million streams to date and it is 16 years after the song was released in 1992. In the fall of 2023, Lisa Nilsson and Viktor Norén released the Christmas single "It's you I'm waiting for". In 2024, the tour Lisa Nilsson and Mattias Torell - A duo in need and lust continues. During the winter, Lisa Nilsson was also awarded the Fred Åkerström scholarship.

On July 19, Lisa Nilsson will take our stage at Kosta for an intimate gig in the summer evening, something we are very much looking forward to!

Friday, July 19, at 8 p.m

Ticket price - EarlyBird SEK 495:-
(Regular price SEK 595:-)

Ticket price - Parquet SEK 695:-
(Sitting parquet along the front)

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