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KOSTA - THE CRYSTAL-CLEAR CHOICE! We’re open 364 days a year! Deep in the forests of Småland, you’ll find the town of Kosta in the heart of the Kingdom of Crystal. They’ve been creating beautiful glass here since 1742 at the Kosta Glassworks, one of the oldest glassworks in Sweden. The idea for a glassworks was first raised back in 1736. Lieutenant Lars Johan Silfversparre applied for a royal decree for a glassworks in Johanstorp in the parish of Lenhovda but decided to hand over his royal decree to local governors Anders Koskull and Georg Bogislaus Staël von Holstein. Construction of the new glassworks, named Kosta after the first letters of the two owners’ surnames (KO + STA), began in 1741. Construction was finished in 1742 and the first glass blowers came fromThuringia in Germany. While not the biggest place, Kosta has plenty to see and experience - why not visit the Kosta Glassworks and get a close-up view of glass being shaped in the smeltery, try your hand at blowing glass in the Kosta Glass Centre, see world-class glass art in the Kosta Art Gallery, spend the night in the world’s only glass hotel, the Kosta Boda Art Hotel, or rent a cabin up at Kosta Lodge. Enjoy a drink in the Glass Bar in an underwater kingdom made of glass, somethin sweet from the bakery, a cool ice cream at Småland’s biggest ice cream café or one of Kosta’s local beers. Other options include fishing, taking a hike through our beautiful nature, going out mountain biking or watching all the animals roaming freely in their natural environment in the Kosta Safari Park. There’s something for everyone here! And you are warmly invited! 3

Lifestyle Magazine Sweden´s Best Sustainable Hotels 2022 Medlem i Svenska Spahotell Loved by guests 2021 Trip Adviser Traveler´s Choice 2022 ACCOMMODATION KOSTA BODA ART HOTEL Kosta Boda Art Hotel – colours, shapes & indulgence at the Glass Hotel. A delight for all the senses! Enjoy the art, the food & the award-winning spa at the glass hotel. Kosta Boda Art Hotel is unique and decorated by Kosta Boda’s well-known designers. No two rooms are alike. Here, you can find glass art worth SEK 50 million for sale. A specially designed glass gift awaits all our guests in their room. Award-winning spa area The connection to the glassworks is strong, and the glass is a common theme that runs deep in the design of the hotel and the spa. Treat yourself to one of the award-winning signature treatments with heated glass applied directly to your body, or swim down to the bottom of the large indoor pool and experience a glass exhibition - underwater. 4

Stora vägen 75 - Kosta GPS: 56,848920° 15,394700° PHONE: +46 (0) 478 348 30 MAIL: WEB: INSTAGRAM: @kostaboda_arthotel FACEBOOK: @kostabodaarthotel ACCOMMODATION Restaurants Kosta Boda Art Hotel boasts two restaurants: the à la carte Linnéa Art Restaurant and the Glass Bar. The Linnéa Art Restaurant offers a breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner/supper every day. During the Christmas season, the tables heave under the weight of seasonal delights. Enter a fantastical underwater environment made of glass at the Glass Bar! Pull up a heated and illuminated glass chair by the 3.5-tonne cobalt blue glass bar. Conferences, events & weddings Kosta Boda Art Hotel is an experienced conference hotel and offers a wide range of facilities, experiences and activities for groups. Fromglass blowing in the smeltery to a pentathlon in the wilderness camp or a trip to Kosta Safari Park. With its fantastic surroundings, the glass hotel is a perfect place to organise a party, meeting or wedding. 5

KOSTA LODGE Kosta Lodge is located in the middle of the Småland Kingdom of Crystal, close to Sweden’s oldest glassworks. Guests come to us for an experience, a good night’s sleep and wellbeing. Stay and get pampered in a naturally relaxing environment. Most of our services are included, so all you and your group need to concentrate on is enjoying your freetime. Choose to stay in a single but stylish hotel room with all the amenities. Alternatively, there are family rooms that sleep up to four located in the side wing and the main building. We also offer self-catering cottages for couples. These individual cabins are located in scenic surroundings and have two ponds and barbecues. They have modern furnishings and can be used all year round. With the peace and quiet afforded by the surrounding greenery and private outdoor area, these couple’s cabins are great for people who want to enjoy nature, switch off and get a bit of TLC. The cabin complex is about 200 m from the main building and is accessible by car or on foot. Parking is available behind each cabin. ACCOMMODATION 6

56°49'59.0"N 15°24'2.5"E Cum naturae autem ut pr imus Stora vägen 2 - Kosta GPS: 56.83341, 15.40073 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: INSTAGRAM: @kostalodge_hotel FACEBOOK: @kostalodge We offer a delicious breakfast buffet every morning in the restaurant. During the summer, you can enjoy your breakfast on our beautiful veranda. Comfort and relaxation is everywhere here. Why not visit our pool area with two heated pools and jacuzzi’s surrounded by our outdoor dining area. Unwind after a long journey, a hard day at work or an active day in the outdoors. The pool and sauna are free to use for hotel guests. You can even hire our wood-fired sauna and hot tub. WiFi is available in the main building of the Lodge and in all cottages. Pets are allowed in some of the cottages. All cottages are non-smoking. There are parking areas for campervans attached to Kosta Lodge. (p. 8) There is a small garden on the grounds with goats. You can fish for rainbow trout in the ponds - fishing licences are available for purchase from Reception. Kosta Lodge is the perfect starting point for hiking (p. 29), fishing (p. 30) and cycling (p. 31) around the local area. See the relevant pages for more information. Do you like mini golf? We’ve got a brandnew 18-hole adventure golf course by the pool area. Everyone is welcome to play here, both big and small. ACCOMMODATION 7

56°49'59.0"N 15°24'2.5"E Cum naturae autem ut pr imus KOSTA CARAVAN PARK Kosta Caravan Park is the perfect starting point for day trips in and around Kosta, like the Safari Park, hiking trails, sights, fishing and recreation. Today, Kosta Lodge offers parking for 28 campervans, all with wooden decking and electricity. There is a septic tank for emptying chemical toilets, fresh water taps and designated barbecue spots, while in the main building you will find laundry, toilet and shower facilities. There is a service shop nearby which doubles as a rental centre. Here you can rent bikes, motor boats, rowing boats and more. ACCOMMODATION Stora vägen 2 - Kosta GPS: 56.83341, 15.40073 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: NEWS! THE SAFARI PARK´S CARAVAN PARK Safariparkens Caravan Park has insight into Kosta Safaripark with proximity to the park’s wildlife. The safari park’s parking lot offers today 29 pitches for motorhomes with wooden cover all with electricity. The pitch has full service,hereislatrine&greywaterdrainage, fresh water, solid barbecue areas and in the service house find you washing, toilet & shower facilities. The safari park’s parking space is automated, which means that you can book and pay online and have free access to the entire facility around the clock. GPS: 56.817299, 15.376886 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: Book your spot today! www.kostalodge/boka Book your spot today! www.kostalodge/boka 8

KORPABOET Rydvägen - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 505 17 MAIL : WEB : KOSTA SWIMMING & CAMPING Kosta Swimming & Camping is located in the heart of Kosta. There are dining options on-site, plus a temperate water swimming pool. Here, you’ll find 80 camping spots for caravans, motorhomes and tents, 50 of which have electricity. There are also eight caravan spaces and eight cabins, four of which are self-catered. The site also has a playground, kiosk and service shop. Food and ice cream is also available during the summer. There is a temperate water swimming pool. Entry is free for campsite guests. Next to the pool there are showers, changing rooms and toilets. Free WiFi. KORPABOET TREEHOUSE Spend a night in the treehouse with its beautiful natural surroundings, amidst forests and pastures. Wake in the morning to birdsong and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the terrace in the evening. ACCOMMODATION Äspet Rislycke - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 70 2430638 MAIL: WEBB: 9

Stora vägen 96, Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 478 345 29 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostaboda @orrefors INSTAGRAM: @kostaboda @orrefors KOSTA BODA GLASSWORKS Kosta Boda and Orrefors are among the world’s top brands in glass and glass art. Several generations of glass blowers have been working liquid glass and refining their craft at the Kosta Glassworks since 1742. Come inside to the smeltery and experience glass blowing up close. Technology and finesse have been refined in the heart of Småland’s forests for generations. Kosta Boda’s glass is personal, expressive, curious and bold. At our glassworks, we also manufacture crystal glass under the Orrefors brand. Take the opportunity to watch how we create our products in the glimmer of the kilns. From melting the liquid glass to blowing, grinding and painting the glass. GLASS EXPERIENCES Book a tour of the gallery and the glassworks via the Kosta Art Gallery to learn more about the history of glass manufacture and glass art. 10

Stora Vägen 96, Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 478 345 29 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: Kosta Art Gallery i Kosta INSTAGRAM: @kostaartgallery KOSTA ART GALLERY Kosta Art Gallery is a stone's throw away from the glass furnaces at Kosta Glasbruk. The gallery shows off our contemporary art glass alongside new exhibitions from our famous artists and designers. Never before has such a variety of glass art been brought together in one place. Marvel at thevariousdifferentways these artists approach and express themselves in glass. You might find a piece that really speaks to you. Kosta Boda Art Gallery was designed by Bruno Mathsson in the early 50s. The gallery has a beautiful glass mosaic floor, created in Kosta, and floor-to-ceiling windows. A mural by Vicke Lindstrand is also on display. The Kosta pot is made from 100% recycled glass from the Kosta Glassworks. The pots have a signature smelted into them and are only available to buy here in Kosta. GLASS EXPERIENCES Book a tour of the gallery to learn more about the history of glass manufacture and glass art. 11

Stora Vägen 96, Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 70 684 61 91 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostaglascenter INSTAGRAM: @kostaglascenter KOSTA GLASS CENTRE Book an unforgettable glass experience! Experience what it feels like to work in a glass smeltery, shaping the glowing liquid glass and blowing the glass with your mouth. We offer several types of creative glass experiences for both young and old - all are welcome! Glass is our passion! And it’s a passion we love to share. Find us inside the Kosta Glassworks area. We’ve been running a glass school here for more than 20 years and have trained glass specialists from all over the Nordic region. Today, many of them are working as glass specialists, glass artists and designers. There are many sides to Kosta Glass Centre and we offer a range of activities such as glass blowing experiences and short courses in our glass workshop. We let you experience glass in its many forms, give you a taste of glass making, answer your questions, and offer stories and explanations about glass. GLASS EXPERIENCES 12

GLASRIKET GUIDE SWEDEN NYBRO GLASBRUK PUKEBERGS GLASBRUK MICKEJOHANS KONSTGLAS THE GLASS FACTORY TRANSJÖ HYTTA SKRUFS GLASBRUK BERGDALAHYTTAN KOSTA GLASBRUK MÅLERÅS GLASBRUK PERSSON & PERSSON CARLOS R. PEBAQUÉ ORREFORS PARK GUIDE BY LIGHT&BOLD KINGDOM OF CRYSTAL I Glasriket sträcker sig traditionen att tillverka munblåst glas flera hundra år tillbaka i tiden. Glasbruken ligger tätt och alla har de sin egen identitet. Slutet av 1800-talet var glasbrukens tid, hela 77 glasbruk etablerades i Sverige och fler än hälften av dem låg här i Småland. Förutsättningarna var de allra bästa: de stora, småländska skogarna bidrog med ved till glasugnarna, bottensanden från sjöarna förvandlades till glas och vattenkraften från bäckar och åar behövdes för att driva sliperierna. Dessutom fanns det gott om arbetskraft – både yrkesskickliga arbetare som blivit utan jobb efter att järnbruk lagts ned, och jordbrukets dags- verkare som inte hade jobb året runt. 1919 gjorde konstnären Simon Gate entré på Orrefors och blev pionjär inom glasformgivningen. Många anser att det är just samarbetet mellan glasformgivarna och de skickliga glasblåsarna och hantverkarna som står bakom de småländska glasbrukens framgångar. Som besökare är du välkommen in i hyttan för att på riktigt nära håll se mästarna forma den sirapslika glasmassan till imponerande glaspjäser. Ett fascinerande skådespel! PHONE: +46 (0) 481 452 15 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @glasriket INSTAGRAM: @glasriket GLASS EXPERIENCES KINGDOM OF CRYSTAL The Kingdom of Crystal is an area that stretches across four municipalities. There’s loads to discover here. Everything from brilliant glass experiences to high-flying adventures above the treetops. Each workshop and glass smeltery has a shop, some big and some small, where you can buy unique glassware. Why not go on a classic glassworks tour that will take you from the smelteries to the workshops. There are loads more exciting things to see here too, like furniture, art and flea markets. The magical forest and the many lakes, streams and rivers are a cornerstone of the Kingdom of Crystal’s origins. Today, nature offers all sorts of opportunities for adventure and recreation. Hike a gentle path through the pine forestor take a boat out onto a lake and dip your paddle in the still, crystal-clear water. For those looking for an adrenaline rush, we also have Northern Europe’s longest zipline. So you can live out your VilhelmMoberg and James Bond fantasies. Visit one of our many glass museums and ironworks. Or why not try your hand at doing it yourself? You can blow glass at Kosta, Målerås or Orranäs. Another great experience is the famous hot shop herring, a real festive occasion in the hut that used to act as a meeting spot. 13

STORA VÄGEN 75 - KOSTA PHONE : +46 (0) 478 348 40 MAIL: WEB: linnea-art-restaurant LINNEA ART RESTAURANT Linnéa Art Restaurant - enjoy your food in an artistic environment The restaurant is located in Kosta Boda Art Hotel and serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper, inspired by the forests, the lakes and the fields. Now you can enjoy Ulrica Hydman- Vallien’s wonderful art in the restaurant half. In the other half, you’ll find art from various designers throughout the year. Plus, don’t miss the popular Christmas table that is set up in late November surrounded by beautiful glass art from Kosta Boda. We are licensed to sell beer, wine and stronger spirits. Please ask our trained sommeliers about a wine pairing for your meal. FOOD & DRINK 14

Stora vägen 75 - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 348 40 MAIL: WEB: glasbaren GLASS BAR Glasbaren - a unique underwater environment, made of glass! Enjoy a drink or a meal from our bar menu in a unique underwater setting, created from glass by Kosta Boda designer Kjell Engman. The glass art in the Glass Bar is based on the idea that you are below the surface of the water. Watch the fish swim, the rays of sunshine cut through the surface of the water and the fantastical tables depicting dancing mermaids and more. All made from glass! The magnificent 3.5 tonne cobalt blue bar with glass stools is the natural meeting point in Kosta Boda Art Hotel. Don’t miss your chance to try the Glass Bar’s exciting signature drink, the 1742, served in a little glass kiln and made to resemble glowing liquid glass! FOOD & DRINK 15

56°49'59.0"N 15°24'2.5"E Cum naturae autem ut pr imus Stora vägen 2 - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostalodge INSTAGRAM: @kosta_lodge KOSTA LODGE At Kosta Lodge, we work hard to ensure that all the food we serve is made from local and Swedish ingredients. That’s why we’re proud that our dry aged tenderloin is from Småland, our rainbow trout are from our very own lakes and our venison comes from Kosta and the surrounding area. In our cosy restaurant, you can enjoy the excitement of cooking your own food. Black Rock is a concept that allows diners to grill their food on a 460-degree hot lava stone. The chef recommends the Kosta Lodge Burger, made from 20% wild boar and 80% fallow deer, served in a pretzel bun with blue cheese, horseradish and gherkin relish. If the weather is nice, you can sit outside on our spacious pool deck. When it gets cold outside, we’ll light the fireplace to make things warm and cosy. We are licensed to sell wine, beer and stronger spirits. We also have a large selection of non-alcoholic options. FOOD & DRINK 16

Holsteinsvägen 7 - Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 478 348 40 MAIL: WEBB: FACEBOOK: @kostabryggeri KOSTA DELI & RESTAURANT Enjoy delicacies and fresh seafood at Kosta Deli At Kosta Deli, you will find a wide range of ready-made delicacies such as oils, caviar, cheeses, herbs and spices, coffee, tea and freshly baked bread and crispbread from our bakery. We have products we import ourselves like pasta, olive oil and cheese from Italy. There is also venison, salami, sausages and smoked meats from Kosta Safari Park. At the counter, you can buy fresh fish and shellfish, smoked prawns, Swedish shrimp salad and whitefish roe roe. All our fish and shellfish are the highest quality and naturally MSC & ASC-certified! Enjoy our delicacies in our restaurant with seasonal menus inspired by the sea, or buy something from the shop for yourself or some one you love! Don’t miss our gin bar with one of the largest ranges of gin in Sweden where you can try over 300 different types of gin. We also serve our own home-brew beer, wine and alcohol-free alternatives. And soon we will be able to serve you our very own gin! FOOD & DRINK 17

KOSTA MATMAGASIN We serve classic home-made food together with a well-stocked salad bar and freshly baked bread every day of the week. We are passionate about good home-made food done right. Our menu varies over the year, but there is always something for everyone. We serve meat, fish and vegetarian options. And of course we also have kids’ meals like pancakes, meatballs and spaghetti bolognese. We offer a wide array of à la carte dishes like Caesar salad with chicken or prawns and classic schnitzel. Our burgers are made from 100% dry-aged beef and served with homemade dressing, fresh tomatoes, red onion, lettuce and melted cheese. We bake thin-base Neapolitan pizzas with deliciously fluffy edges. We leave the dough to rise for a really long time with just a bit of salt and a tiny dash of yeast, making the bottom chewy and slightly crispy. We use high-quality raw ingredients like our homeFOOD & DRINK 18

More information about the weekly Lunch menu & a la carte: Stora vägen 77 - Kosta inne på Kosta Outlet TELEFON : +46 (0) 478 349 35 MAIL: WEBB: FACEBOOK: @matmagasinetikosta INSTAGRAM: @kosta_matmagasin made tomato sauce which is made from tinned San Marzano tomatoes that are simply crushed and delicately seasoned to give a sweet, fresh taste. We use fior di latte mozzarella and Swedish smoked ham. Our pizzas are made with love and care, and we promise they’re worth the wait! All meals come with a large salad bowl, freshly baked bread and butter, water for the table and tea/coffee for after your meal. We also serve caffe latte, espresso, cappuccino and more. If you’re after something sweet for after your meal, you can also buy baked goods from our local bakery. FOOD & DRINK 19

Holsteinsvägen 7 - Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 478 348 40 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostabryggeri INSTAGRAM: @kosta_bryggeri KOSTA BREWERY & DISTILLERY Enjoy locally brewed beer and something good from Kosta Deli Kosta Brewery has moved into the old Plenty House building. Here, they brew around 50,000 litres of beer every year. The Kosta Brewery offers a handful of classic European beers like pilsners, wheat beers, pale ales and porters. We take our inspiration from Germany, the Czech Republic, the UK and Ireland - before adding our very own personal touches to our beers. As well as beer, we also product several different types of gin. Come and visit our gin bar where you’ll find Kosta’s very own gin plus more than 300 other great gins from around the world. FOOD & DRINK Book a beer tasting today! Mail: 20

Stora vägen 96 - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 50 000 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: @kosta_hyttsill KOSTA HOT SHOP HERRING Hot shop herring is an old tradition in the Kingdom of Crystal that dates back to the time when the cabin was the village meeting place. Today, hot shop herring is a festive meal prepared the traditional way with finesse in the annealing kiln where the glass was placed earlier in the day to cool down. The glowing mass of glass in the kiln illuminates the hut with its soft shine. At a hot shop herring evening at the Kosta Glass Centre, you can enjoy good company, a good fire and good food. Just like the vagabonds and village folk would have done. Classic hot shop herring is salted herring cooked with onions and cream. Served with smoked Isterband pork sausage, fried pork and baked potato with herb butter, a typical regional dish. We are licensed to sell wine, beer and stronger spirits. Coffee comes with Småland cheesecake, jam and cream. FOOD & DRINK BEST SELLER Book your hot shop herring experience today! 21

Stora vägen 96 - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 346 05 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostabrukscafe INSTAGRAM: @kosta_brukscafe KOSTA BRUKSCAFÉ Kosta Brukscafé is a cosy little refuge with an interior taken straight from the glassworks. The café is located right next to the Kosta Boda shop. Enjoy lovingly prepared sandwiches, salads, pies and more. You’ll always find something tasty to eat here, no matter the time of day. We serve sandwiches and light lunches like salads, baked potatoes and waffles. Our pastries come from our local bakery. Order a latte or a cappuccino from our baristas or choose from our large selection of teas. We are licensed to sell both beer and wine. Why not sit down for a nice fika in our outdoor area, inspired by the glassworks. FOOD & DRINK 22

Stora vägen 77 - Kosta in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 734 088 277 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostabageriet INSTAGRAM: @kosta_bageri KOSTA BAKERY At Kosta Bakery, we bake breads and pastries seven days a week. Everything is made from scratch using real butter. For early birds, the “hatch” on the outside of the bakery opens at 7am every day. We’re passionate about genuine craftsmanship. You won’t find anything prebought here and we do things properly - no shortcuts. We make our own sourdough, and bake levain and raw sourdough loaves and baguettes. We make our own Danish pastries and croissants. Come and enjoy a cup of coffee with a freshly baked bun, or why not order a cake or something else to enjoy in the calm of your own home. If you have any food-related allergies, please tell our staff and we will help you find something tasty. FOOD & DRINK Come and check out our many different cakes: 23

Glassbaren KOSTA KOSTA ICE CREAM BAR Småland’s largest ice creams with 50 different varieties of ice cream and loads of toppings. Welcome to an ice cream lover’s paradise! The Ice Cream Bar is located right next to Kosta Lodge. Here, you’ll find all sorts of ice cream: scoops, soft serves and sorbets plus lactose-free, dairy-free and vegan ice cream - because we want everyone to be able to enjoy a good ice cream. We have loads of exciting ice creams on our menu like soft serves, milkshakes and different flavours of bubble waffle. And for kids who love ice cream, we have spaghetti and meatballs made out of ice cream! The spaghetti is vanilla ice cream, the meatballs are chocolate ice cream and the tomato sauce is strawberry syrup. Enjoy your ice cream in our restaurant or outside on the balcony with views overlooking the ponds at Kosta Lodge. Stora vägen 2 - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostalodge FOOD & DRINK 24

DON CAMILLO A pizza buffet for the whole family - all you can eat, plus free ice cream for kids. This joint also serves up burgers, kebabs, salads, tenderloin, deep-fried squid and schnitzel with French fries and Bearnaise sauce. Don Camillo offers Spanish or Greek buffet catering for a taste of the Mediterranean. For those interested in boules, there is both an indoor and outdoor field. Come in and have a beer or a glass of wine in the pub. You can also enjoy live music during the summer. Stora vägen 61 - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 506 30 MAIL: WEB: INSTAGRAM: FOOD & DRINK 25 Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, inne på Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 349 36 FACEBOOK: Café Corner INSTAGRAM: @kosta_cafecorner CAFÉ CORNER Sit down for a fika at Café Corner with sandwiches, hot dogs, ice cream and loads of goodies. Here, you’ll find newspapers and magazines, tobacco products and snus, lottery tickets, pick n’ mix and chocolate, a small selection of pharmacy products, ice cream and soft serve and much, much more! You’ll also find a five cubic-metre aquarium filled with exotic and colourful fish. Here, you’ll find all sorts of rainbow fish, Japanese shrimp, Siamese algae eaters and panda corydoras.

GPS: 56.817299, 15.376886 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostasafaripark INSTAGRAM: @kosta_safaripark KOSTA SAFARI PARK A safari in the wilds of Småland. Take a drive through the park and see elk, European bison, fallow deer, mouflon sheep, red deer and wild boar up close. Kosta Safari Park is the place to visit for an unforgettable nature experience deep in the forests of Småland – a day out for the whole family. We’re proud to be the only park in Sweden and indeed the world where you can see Europe’s largest land mammals in their natural environment. Watch these wild animals roam freely around the 200-hectare park. Here, you can spot majestic elk, magnificent European bison, beautiful red dear, wild boar with their mischievous piglets, mouflon sheep with their enormous horns and shy but curious fallow deer, all from the safety of your own car. An exciting adventure for the whole family! ACTIVITIES Tickets are available for purchase online via the Safari Park website or at Kosta Lodge, Kosta Rental Centre, Kosta Boda Art Hotel, Jaktia Kosta, Kosta Discount Warehouse and the Safari Park shop. Grand Tourism Prize 2021 26

GPS: 56.79095, 15.37047 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590 530 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: Kosta Vildmarkscamp INSTAGRAM: @kosta_vildmarkscamp KOSTA VILD CAMPING Experience the wilds of Småland. Enjoy the forests and the peace and quiet, or discover your competitive side and challenge colleagues, friends and family. Kosta Wild Camping is suitable for both private individuals and corporate guests and conferences. Rent one of our teepee tents with space for 40-50 people, perfect for team-building or birthday parties! Challenge yourself and your colleagues in our wilderness areas. Put your brain and your brawn to use in disciplines like axe throwing, horse shoeing and air rifle shooting. Or book crayfish fishing - an unforgettable nature experience where you lay the cages in the evening and haul them in the following morning. Round off your experience with a crayfish party in our teepee! You can get close to nature here too. We have plenty of hiking trails in the forest-covered countryside. Enjoy our lakes and streams on a canoeing trip or rumble over logs and rocks on two wheels with our mountain bikes. ACTIVITIES 27

Stora vägen 2, Kosta GPS: 56.83341, 15.40073 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 314 00 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @kostarentalcenter KOSTA RENTAL CENTRE & MINI MART Come as you are… rent everything you need! At Kosta Rental &Mini Mart, you’ll find everything you need for your holiday. Rent bikes for the whole family, camping stoves, fishing equipment, fishing passes, life jackets, boats and canoes. In our Mini Mart, you’ll find a simple range of food and freshly baked breads and rolls. Here, you’ll also find maps of our different fishing areas and cycling and hiking trails. You can fill up on fuel for your motorhome or barbecue at the Lågprisvaruhuset Discount Warehouse. At Kosta Lodge, you can buy ready-packed lunches, perfect for taking with you on a hike, fishing trip or bike ride. ACTIVITIES Book your equipment today! 28

NATURKARTAN HIKING Kosta is rich in nature. Here, you’ll find delightful coniferous forests, blossoming meadows and leafy birch forests. There are loads of hiking trails all around Kosta, including a 16 km route. Welcome to our wonderful nature! There are six nature reserves around Kosta that offer a real wilderness experience, with marshes, forests, lakes and streams. There’s plenty of bird and plant life here too. In the largest reserve in the county, Stockmyr Brännan, you can experience slash-and-burn forest in a unique environment. In the Visjön nature reserve, you’ll find ancient forests and open marshes. A typical unfertile Småland lake surrounded by mixed coniferous forest. There are barbecue areas and lean-to’s along most of the hiking trails. The trails are easy to get to from the car parks and are clearly signposted the whole way round. Stora vägen 2 - Kosta GPS: 56.83341, 15.40073 PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590530 MAIL: WEBB: Scan our QR code for more information on our various hiking trails. Feel free to download the app Naturkartan for more information about wonderful nature experiences. ACTIVITIES At Kosta Lodge, you can buy ready-packed lunches, perfect for taking with you for a day out in nature. 29

Stora vägen 2 - Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 478 590530 MAIL: WEBB: INSTAGRAM: @kostalodge_hotel FACEBOOK: @kostalodge ACTIVITIES FISHING Kosta is Småland’s newest fishing destination. There are lean-to’s and barbecue areas next to the lakes – grab the whole family and head out for a day of outdoor activities. Catch a fish, grill it in some foil and make a real day of it. Book your boat well ahead of time to avoid disappointment! Here in Kosta, there are plenty of lakes to choose from that are all rich in fish. You’ll find loads of rainbow trout in Vitgöl, Djupgöl and Björkgöl lakes, and also in the ponds by Kosta Lodge. Fly-fishing is permitted here, but you can also fish using any equipment you like. In Stampen and Läen lakes, you’ll find Northern pike, zander and European perch. Fishing licences are available for purchase at Kosta Lodge where you can also get fishing equipment, life jackets and boats for hire for a full day of fishing. At Kosta Lodge, you can buy ready-packed lunches, perfect for taking with you for a day of fishing on the lake. 30

MAIL: WEBB: FACEBOOK: @kostasafaripark INSTAGRAM: @kosta_safaripark ACTIVITIES MOUNTAIN BIKING Feel the wind rushing through you hair as you cycle through the forests of Småland over hills and past boulders. There are loads of different cycle paths in Kosta with varying degrees of difficulty from beginner and family-friendly routes, to adventurous pro tracks. There are loads of cycle and mountain bike paths all around Kosta. Adventurous types should check out the classic mountain bike trail, the Kosta Safari Trail (6,5 km), with specially built obstacles and sweet curves around the Safari Park. Here, you’ll find everything from green to black sections, with names like Rävtjutet (Fox Howl) and Trandansen (Dancing Crane). The trail around the Safari Park is 11 km long and starts at Kosta Lodge. There are loads of different natural cycle paths around the various lakes of Kosta that are great for those who like to enjoy their nature with a bit of peace and quiet. At Kosta Lodge, you can pick up maps of the different routes and rent out bikes for the whole family. NEW! At Kosta Lodge, you can buy ready-packed lunches, perfect for taking with you for a day of cycling. 31

Utelåst - Kosta ACTIVITIES FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT KOSTA UNLOCKED VISIT: att-gora/utelast-kosta/ KOSTA UNLOCKED Have you got a knack for solving tricky riddles and puzzles? Challenge friends and family with our new outdoor game that will take you on a tour of Kosta. Kosta Unlocked is an outdoor game where you and your friends or family - or even your colleagues - get various tasks to solve. The game is based on mind games, riddles and puzzles that you have to solve in order to find the next clue in the treasure hunt. You get a map and a bag to help you out on your adventure and locks that need unlocking along the way. The route is around 2 km long and doesn’t require any prior knowledge of Kosta. The first problem you will have to solve is opening the bag. Are you up to the challenge? 32

KOSTA ART TOUR Experience an art tour your way, with help from the artists themselves Wandering around the houses, you will get to experience a number of unique artworks from world-famous designers like Bertil Vallien, Göran Wärff, Kjell Engman and Vicke Lindstrand to name just a few. Make use of the QR codes found at each artwork and hear the artists themselves tell about their works of art. There you get information in both oral and written form. FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT KOSTA ART TOUR: att-gora/konstvandring/ NEW! ACTIVITIES 33

GRÖNÅSEN ELK & FARM ANIMAL PARK One of Sweden's largest elk parks, since 1994. Take a walk and meet elk, goats, pigs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Visit our museum or put a moose sausage on the barbecue. You’ll find all things elk in our well-stocked elk shop. Grönåsen 2, Kosta GPS: 56°50’14.2”N 15°26’39.0”E PHONE: +46 (0) 478 507 70 MAIL: WEB: FACEBOOK: @gronasenalg INSTAGRAM: @gronasen ACTIVITIES NATURE & CULTURE GUIDES We’re qualified guides for the Kingdom of Crystal and focus on the unique nature, culture and history of the region. Follow us out into the wilderness and discover Småland’s hidden treasures. We have loads of hidden natural and cultural treasures. Let us show you and tell you about eskers, kettles, old charcoal piles, tar kilns, animal burrows, colliers’ huts, old folk tales and much, much more. We have an annual programme of guided tours with trips running every other Sunday, every month between March and November and can also offer tailor-made tours and experiences. PHONE: +46 (0) 73 510 46 64 MAIL: WEBB: FACEBOOK: @glasriketguiderna INSTAGRAM: @glasriketguiderna 34

APP STORE GOOGLE PLAY Stay up-to-date with our app! We’ve brought together information on everything there is to see and do in Kosta. Book accommodation, buy tickets for the Safari Park and take the Art Tour where you can listen to glass artists talking about their work. The app, called Kosta, is currently only available in Swedish and is available for download via the App Store and Google Play. 35

20.000 kvm VARUMÄRKESSHOPPING Alltid bra shopping för hela familjen KOSTA @kostaoutlet @kostaoutlet Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 486 20 MAIL: FACEBOOK: @jaktiakosta INSTAGRAM: @jaktiakosta At Jaktia, you can buy everything you need for hunters, fishers and outdoor enthusiasts, and even dog and cat owners. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 349 34 MAIL: FACEBOOK: @kostabokhandel INSTAGRAM: @kosta_bokhandel You’ll find new books here, plus a large high-quality discount range. There is also a wide range of toys and office equipment. We even have wool and materials for arts and crafts. Stora vägen 96 - Kosta, next to the glassworks area PHONE : +46 (0) 478 345 32 MAIL: FACEBOOK: @kostaboda INSTAGRAM: @orreforskostabodabutiker The Kosta Boda shop carries glass of all kinds. Here, you can find the Kosta Boda range in all its colourful splendour. Discover new and old stock at heavily discounted prices. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 349 36 FACEBOOK: Café Corner INSTAGRAM: @kosta_cafecorner Sit down for a fika at Café Corner with sandwiches, hot dogs, ice cream and loads of goodies. You’ll also find newspapers, tobacco products, lottery tickets and other newsagent products here. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 345 20 MAIL: FACEBOOK: Kosta Fashion INSTAGRAM: @kosta_fashion_kosta 6,000 m2 of fashion with clothing and shoes for men, women and children. Here, you’ll find a wide range of sizes across 70 different brands like Hugo Boss, Filippa K, Didriksons, Jack & Jones, Name It and Duffy, all at outlet prices. Up to 70% cheaper than retail prices Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 709 541031 MAIL: FACEBOOK: Porthouse Interiör INSTAGRAM: @porthouseinteriorkosta At Porthouse, you’ll find well-known brands like ERNST, Majas Cottage, Mix by Heart, PR, Boel & Jan, Älska Plåt and more. Here, you’ll find Sweden’s cheapest Ur&Penn watches and stationery! We offer clocks, watches, jewellery and accessories - all with extra outlet discounts. We also have a wide range of repair services. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 508 80 FACEBOOK: @shoesandbagssweden INSTAGRAM: @shoesandbagskosta Shoes & Bags for everyone! We have shoes and bags from loads of well-known brands at affordable prices for the whole family. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, inne på Kosta Outlet TELEFON : +46 (0) 10-40 53 319 MAIL: FACEBOOK: @uropenn INSTAGRAM: @uropennofficial WEBB: 36

Stora Vägen 77 – Kosta För öppettider se: I våra butiker hittar ni glas, mode, inredning, leksaker, böcker, jakt & fiskeutrustning, god mat och mycket, mycket mer! Stora vägen 77 - Kosta , in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 507 18 MAIL: FACEBOOK: @sportshopoutletkosta INSTAGRAM: @sportshopoutlet_kosta A sports shop with all things sport and inspiring staff to offer you the best possible assistance. We offer a wide range of sports and leisure items. We are happy to give you advice to help you with your training regime. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 486 11 MAIL: FACEBOOK: The Green House 1992 The Green House 1992 is a flower shop with a personal touch and has a large assortment of potted plants and cut flowers. We’ll help you with flower arrangements for all occasions. Welcome to KOSTA KITCHEN STORE - a kitchen shop with high-quality brands. We offer high-quality products from brands like Global, Staub and Le Creuset, with an emphasis on customer service, knowledge and experience. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, in Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 72316 1439 FACEBOOK: @fabriksbutikenkosta INSTAGRAM: @fabriksbutiken.kosta At Fabriksbutiken, you’ll find glass and ceramics from famous glassworks and artists like Målerås Glassworks, Nybro Glassworks, Pukeberg Glassworks, Bergdala Glassworks & the Ekelund Linen Mill. Stora vägen 79 - Kosta, outside Kosta Outlet PHONE : +46 (0) 478 504 22 MAIL: Find Nordic design products from Iittala, Rörstrand, Arabia and Fiskars. We have a wide range of old stock products and outlet bargains. Discover our Vintage service where you can sell your used glass and porcelain from Iittala, Rörstrand and Arabia or browse through our ever-changing Vintage range. Weserveclassichome-made food together with a wellstocked salad bar and freshly baked bread every day of the week. Stora vägen 96 - Kosta, next to the glassworks area PHONE : +46 (0) 478 346 08 MAIL: INSTAGRAM: @orreforskostabodabutiker Kosta Outlet Home is filled with inspiring designs for your home. At Orrefors Glass, you’ll find new and old stock at heavily discounted prices. Stora vägen 77 - Kosta , in Kosta Outlet TELEFON : +46 70 344 31 02 MAIL: FACEBOOK: Kosta KitchenStore INSTAGRAM: @kosta_kitchenstore Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, inne på Kosta Outlet WEBB : The Swedbank meeting point offers personal service and will help you with basic services and advice. Opening hours Fridays kl 10.00 - 17.00 Closed for lunch kl 12.30 - 13.00 SHOPPING Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, inne på Kosta Outlet TELEFON : +46 (0) 478 349 35 MAIL: INSTAGRAM: @kosta_matmagasin FACEBOOK: @matmagasinetikosta 37

KOSTA Beläget vid infarten till Kosta i före detta SEA-glasbruks fastigheter. TELEFON : +46 (0) 7071903 31 MAIL: FACEBOOK: Lågprisvaruhuset i Kosta INSTAGRAM: @lagprisvaruhusetkosta COOP KONSUM Here you can buy food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Coop Konsum carries products of Apoteket (pharmacy), Posten letters & parcels, Schenker Privpak parcels, Systembolaget, ATG and Svenska spel. Stora vägen 49 - Kosta TELEFON : +46 (0) 478 50018 FACEBOOK : @coopkosta SHOPPING MARGARETHAS DOCKSKÅP Here, you’ll find lots of dolls, teddy bears from Steiff, thousands of miniatures and furniture for dollhouses. Angels from Erzgebirge, old-fashioned toys and much more. Our doctor is here to take care of your “sick” dolls and teddy bears. Stay the night in the teddy bear cottage. Stora vägen 66 - Kosta TELEFON : +46 (0) 709 28 77 69 MAIL : HEMSIDA : FACEBOOK: Margarethas Dockskåp INSTAGRAM: @margarethasdockskåp LÅGPRISVARUHUSET I KOSTA At Lågprisvaruhuset you can find food, interior design, clothes, tools and much more. All at typically “Småland” low prices. At Lågprisvaruhuset you can buy fresh food and dairy products, household items, home furnishings, cleaning products, clothes, toys and puzzles, leisure accessories, car care, garden equipment, tools, barbecues and outdoor furniture. We constantly stock up on new and seasonal articles. 38

i BRUNO MATHSSONS GLASHUS OTHER PLACES TO VISIT Stora vägen 77 - Kosta, inne på Kosta Outlet TELEFON : +46 (0) 478 507 05 MAIL : BRUNO MATHSSONS GLASHUS Bruno Mathsson was one of Sweden’s foremost architects and furniture designers. His House of Glass in Kosta is just one example of his work. The House reflects classic 50s/60s style and has five apartments, one of which is a show apartment. INFOPOINT At our Infopoint in Kosta Outlet, you’ll get plenty of tips on things to see, do and experience in Kosta, the Kingdom of Crystal and Småland. Holsteinsväg 28 - Kosta TELEFON : +46 (0) 478 507 05, 125 00 MAIL : HEMSIDA : 39

OTHER PLACES TO VISIT Holsteinsväg - Kosta PHONE: +46 (0) 76 019 7222 MAIL: WEB: KOSTA LOCAL HISTORY MUSEUM ThemuseumisrunbyEkebergaHembygdsförening, whichhas a goodcooperationwithKostaGlasbruk. It presents the history of the settlement and the trades of the community, now and then. EKEBERGA CHURCH Welcome to the Ekeberga parish, located in the centre of the Kingdomof Crystal with its centuries- old glassblowing tradition. The church in Ekeberga was built after several years of preparation in 1824 - 1826 and was inaugurated in August 1826. KOSTA LIBRARY Here, you’ll find inspiration and book tips. On their website you can browse their catalogue, manage your loans, find opening hours and more. If the library is closed, you can return your books using the book deposit in Folkets Hus. Ekeberga church 365 43 Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 - 344 00 MAIL: lessebo-hovmantorp. WEB: lessebo-hovmantorp/ekeberga-kyrka Stora vägen 47, Folkets hus - Kosta PHONE : +46 (0) 478 128 12 MAIL : WEB: web/arena/kosta 40

Julmarknad WWW.JULIKOSTA.SE • SMÅLAND • SWEDEN Jul i Kosta 6 milj. julel jus From second Saturday in November to late December Come and experience a magical Christmas in Kosta Do Christmas shopping for the whole family. Enjoy a Christmas table decked out with delicious treats. Visit our Christmas market with stalls filled with crafts and delicious things to eat. Walk through a snow-covered wonderland and meet Father Christmas. Meet exciting authors and entertainers. Experience classic hot shop herring with famous artists. All in the glow of a million Christmas lights! Christmas in Kosta promises warmth, joy and togetherness! 41

Vernissagehelg i Glasriket GLASKONST KOSTA EASTER (Maundy Thursday - Easter Sunday) Come and join us on an Easter egg hunt. Loads of fun activities at Kosta Outlet. The kids’ favourites are coming to pay a visit. Loads of great offers in our restaurants and shops! GLASS WEEKEND (Last weekend of April) A new exciting art glass exhibition is inaugurated at Kosta Boda Art Gallery. There’ll be a glass show and, of course, world-class glassblowing action. NATIONAL DAY OF SWEDEN (6 June) Join us and celebrate our national day with load of great offers, delicious pastries, fun children’s activities and much more. WINTER BREAK (Saturday, week 8) Loads of fun activities at Kosta Outlet. The kids’ favourites are coming to pay a visit. Lots of great offers in our restaurants and shops! SHOPPERS’ NIGHT (End of March) Welcome to an evening full of shopping and live music. Exhibitors of all kinds and great offers! CHILDREN’S DAY (Last weekend of April) Loads of fun activities at Kosta Outlet. The kids’ favourites are coming to pay a visit. Lots of great offers in our restaurants and shops! CAR MEET (Second weekend in May) A day with a car exhibition, a motor market, good shops, great food, a play area for children etc. This is the day for all car lovers! HUNTING FARE (End of september) Exhibitors present their products and this year’s news. Loads of great deals in-store. OTHER PLACES TO VISIT 42

AUTUMN HOLIDAYS (Week 44) Loads of fun activities at Kosta Outlet. The kids’ favourites are coming to pay a visit. Lots of great offers in our restaurants and shops! GLOWING KINGDOM OF CHRYSTAL (End of september) When the evenings grow dark early and the clear autumn air cools down, the glassworks and the hut invite you to the “Glowing Glasriket” CHRISTMAS IN KOSTA (second Saturday of November to late December) Come and experience a magical Christmas in Kosta. All in the glow of a million Christmas lights. Christmas in Kosta promises warmth, joy and togetherness! More information about the different events in Kosta can be found at CHILDREN’S DAY (Last weekend of October) Loads of fun activities at Kosta Outlet. The kids’ favourites are coming to pay a visit. Lots of great offers in our restaurants and shops! BLACK FRIDAY (last Friday in November) Black Friday with low prices and great offers, artist performances and good food. Go on a shopping spree and enjoy crazy cheap prices. SHOPPERS’ NIGHT (End of October) Welcome to an evening full of shopping and live music. Exhibitors of all kinds and great offers! SWEDISH IDOL (mid-December) Listen to and meet the Swedish Idol finalists at Kosta Outlet. Grab the chance to buy a t-shirt or a CD and have it signed by your favourite. OTHER PLACES TO VISIT 43

Tidssnurr i Kosta - Musical theatre for kids Can you fall asleep in the 1700s and wake up in 2022? That’s what’s happened to the founders of Kosta. How did they end up here and how will they get back? The show plays Wednesdays to Sundays at 12:00 from 9 July to 21 August in Hembygdsparken by Old Kosta Museum Book your tickets today! OTHER PLACES TO VISIT Maybe there’s somewhere here I can hide. This is what I call a high-class hiding spot! Don’t move a hoof! You’re surrounded! That’s the end of me! The tour of the town is over. Back to the Safari Park with you. Look, Mum! The King of the Forest. Blowing art glass Nice and easy! Oh my! What’s happening in here? Blowing glass art I prefer ice cream art myself! Besides, it’s a little hot in here. Time to move on! Hälge comes to Kosta! You’ll be able to see and meet him here in Kosta very soon. For more information on when he’s arriving: 44